Thursday, July 30, 2009

Several entities visited me during a long evening of meditational visions. This one was different, it acted as my spirit guide, and its Black Panther animal spirit was evident as was its crystallized wings. I noticed a variety of symbols floating around its body with ancient symbols that emanated from Mayan, Egyptian and Buddhist cultures. Several luminous spirits danced around these sprouting time-lapse photographic mushrooms beckoning me to visit deeper into their world.
This particular guide took me to the “source” that created all life forms spanning millions of planets. It’s difficult to describe how powerful these visions were in mere words. This guide took me through a wormhole in space which was intense within itself. When we arrived at the destination my instincts kicked in and I knew that this was incredibly special.
This guide communicated telepathically and said, “This is the source of ALL creation”, it looked at me and smiled. Tears began streaming from my eyes; I could not believe what I was so vividly seeing. It was as if I was witnessing a light so pure in its intensity emanating from the womb of GOD, (possibly the exit side of a “black hole”). From its center came a spiral that seemed similar to a massive DNA strand that was creating an endless amount of life forms and then placing them on their host planets. I could clearly make out the immense variety of beings and creatures that were being born from this source.

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